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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley Round per Round recap

Ok, we all know the fight didnt went as expected, actually for me it was quite a dissappointment knowing that Manny Pacquiao could pull off an entertaining fight, but it takes two to make it work, Mosley just wasn't up for Pacquiao. When he knockdown Mosley at the 3rd it was like Mosley switched to survival mode, hoping not to get knocked down again and survive the twelve rounds.

Here's the Pacquiao vs Mosley round per round recap

Round 1: Each guy worked hard to set up blows with their jabs. Pacquiao landed twice to the body and once to the face, and Mosley sneaked in a hard right to face. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9 (scoring is unofficial).

Round 2: Pacquiao is the aggressor and Mosley appears a bit confused. Pacquiao lands a good left to the head followed by a right. The pair butt heads at the one-minute mark; all is OK. Pacquiao lands to the body, Mosley retreats. A left to the body and right to the face by Pacquiao. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads fight, 20-18.

Round 3: Pacquiao drops Mosley for the third time in his career, charging with a combination and dropping him with a left. Mosley is dazed at the 1:10 mark. Pacquiao going for the kill, left to the head and body. Again to the body and face. Mosley survives. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-8. Pacquiao leads, 30-26.

Round 4: Mosley slips. Pacquiao working the jab. He lands a hard left to Mosley's jaw. Mosley can't keep up. We expected this. Mosley jabs in vain. Pacquiao lands a left to the body. Hard combo by Mosley as Pacquiao covers. Pacquiao rallies, gets in two hard lefts to Mosley's face. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 40-35.

Round 5: Mosley has some crispness back. Pacquiao charges forward, as if he has great confidence. Mosley blocking some shots. Good left to the face by Pacquiao. Mosley definitely not his aggressive self of old. Pacquiao jabs to head and body. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 50-44.

Round 6: A soft head butt slows the action. Pacquiao goes left, lands a combination on attack. Mosley retreating. The action slows, and the crowd boos. Good short right by Pacquiao. Mosley gets in a right. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 60-53.

Round 7: Two good left uppercuts by Pacquiao, who ducks in for attack. Mosley shows no such ambition, and gets hit by rights to the body and head and a right-left combo. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 70-62.

Round 8: A big left to the head by Pacquiao symbolizes why Mosley's not engaging. Too much pain. More lefts continue to blunt Mosley's aged effort. The crowd booing the inaction by the challenger. Bad fight. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 80-71.

Round 9: Mosley sneers after a right-left charge by Pacquiao. Heads clash again, action resumes. Nice right by Pacquiao and good left hook by Mosley. A Pacquiao combo and left follows. Mosley sneaks in a good jab. Mosley to the body. Pacquiao hits Mosley in belly with right and snaps his head back with hard left. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 90-80.

Round 10: Referee Kenny Bayless wrongly awards Mosley a knockdown on a push. Mosley was going forward, but clearly pushed Pacquiao with a right. Pacquiao quickly gets back up, attacking. Pacquiao hits Mosley on ear with left. Another left. A straight left rolls Mosley's head back. Round is a 9-9 draw. Pacquiao leads, 99-89.

Round 11: Mosley working hard to avoid a knockout here, backpedaling from combinations as Pacquiao attacks. Mosley hugs Pacquiao, who gets free and unleashes a combination that backs up Mosley. Pacquiao roaring at end, Mosley looking for cover. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao leads, 109-98.

Round 12: Pacquiao completes a dominant effort, striking Mosley with more lefts to the head and body. He hammers Mosley with left-right to head. But Mosley survives. Pacquiao walks back frustrated to his corner with third straight unanimous decision coming. Pacquiao wins the round, 10-9. Pacquiao should win, 119-107.

Official verdict: Manny Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision. Scoring: Trowbridge, 119-108; Moretti, 120-108; Ford 120-107.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley Full Fight Replay and Results

The Pacquiao vs Mosley finishes off as expected with Pacquiao having the unanimous decision but nevertheless Mosley put up an exciting fight up to the 12th round. Pacquiao dominated most of the fight and winning a unanimous decision.

On the third round, Pacquiao scored a knockdown while starting slow. Mosley put up his performance and was hoping to put off a knockout, he scored a knockdown on round 10 but was a wrong call, Mosley actually pushed Pacquiao down. This triggered Pacquiao to put on more pressure against Mosley making him pushed against the rope.

Watch the Pacquiao vs Mosley replay video

Pacquiao vs Mosley Round 1 to 12

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Pacquiao has dominated the boxing world by winning 8 world titles in different weight divisions, will he still reign this time? or will Shane Mosley pull of an upset? Pacquiao is in his prime and still making his history with his speed and power. Mosley is already past his, but will he still make it by getting that lucky punch.

If Mosley wins this fight, he might just have a rematch against Floyd Mayweather, but if not then its time to hang his gloves. Mosley is already 40 and already made his name in the hall of fame even if he losses, he went through with the best fighters in his time by defeating De La Hoya, and knocking out Vargas twice, it was his time in 1992-2002 but his skills has decreased since then, even if he says he still hasnt lost it, its only his will that's talking but let's give him the benefit of the doubt, he might prove something else on the ring.

Pacquiao hasn't lost a match and has successfully beaten fighters such as Hatton, Margarito, De La Hoya, Cotto, and some others, he is now at the top of his boxing career and was named the Pound for Pound champion by ring magazine and making Mayweather second to him.

Make sure to watch the Pacquiao vs Mosley on showtime via pay per view and catch the action live

Pacquiao vs Mosley Live Streaming

Everybody's on the countdown to May 7,2011 for the biggest fight of the Year, Pacquiao vs Mosley. as 3 days left to the fight, with all the hype, this is gonna be it. To bring to you the great experience in Pacquiao vs Mosley, make sure to bookmark this site since we will also be showing you the live coverage of Pacquiao vs Mosley live from the MGM Grand Las Vegas with the best quality.

Pacquiao vs Mosley is promoted by Top Rank Promotions and will be aired through Showtime.

Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Camp 360 Episode 4

Here's a preview of the final episode for Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Camp 360 before the actual fight. Get a chance to see how each fighter prepares for the biggest fight of the year. Will Mosley pull an upset? or will Pacquiao still dominate the pound for pound title?

You can also watch the Pacquiao vs Mosley live streaming here.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley Weign In results

At last, the official weigh in for the Pacquiao vs Mosley has started and both fighters passed their weigh in at the MGM Grand for the WBO welterweight title.

Pacquiao vs Mosley weigh in

Pacquiao officially weighed at 145 pounds while Mosley at 147 pounds in the welterweight class

At the event, Mosley showed height advantage over Pacquiao but he will really have to keep up with the speed Pacquiao has

Mosley is very confident to get that KO and he is very excited to face the pound for pound king.

Undercard fighters official weigh in:

Jorge Ace at 122 pounds
Wilfredo Vazquez at 122 pounds

Kelly Pavlik weighed in at 170 pounds who will be facing Alfonso Lopez at 169 pounds.

Ray Nahr at 149 pounds who will fight against Mike Alvaredo at 139 pounds.

Catch the fight tomorrow live via pay per view for the Pacquiao vs Mosley at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Pacquiao vs Mosley Weigh In

The Pacquiao vs Mosley weigh in will be aired via Showtime pay per view. It will be the day before the fight on May 7, 2011 live streaming from the MGM Grand. Watch the official weigh in live streaming on May 6,2011 at 6:00 PM ET/PT.

After this, catch the last episode of Fight Camp 360 at 10:00PM. Pacquiao vs Mosley fight is coming May 7,2011 via Showtime, live telecast will start at 9:00 pm, pay per view rates start at $54.95.

Official lineup for the Pacquiao vs Mosley PPV undercard fights.

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs. Jorge Arce
Mike Alvarado vs. Ray Narh
Kelly Pavlik vs. Alfonso Lopez


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